IT services

IT services

Access your online services, connect to the free wifi network, and even download free and discounted software to help you with your studies, whether you’re on campus or studying at home.

Free and discounteD software

Did you know you can download software packages, including Office 365 and Sophos Antivirus, for free? Discounts are also available on a range of popular applications.

Download free and discounted software

Accessing Email, Calendar and Contacts

You can access your email. calendar, and contacts on your mobile device or home PC or Mac when you are off campus. The software package is known as Office 365.

Access email, calendar and more


Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) of choice is called Blackboard, and is the online place where you can find academic materials for your course.

What is Blackboard?


Student smartcard

Your smartcard acts as your identification to show that you are a registered student at CCCU, granting you access to teaching rooms, while also acting as your library card.

Replace a lost smartcard

Campus wifi

You can connect to wifi for free using your student account. When you are in range of a University WiFi access point you will see eduroam and CCCU-wifi on your mobile device as connection options.

Connect to Eduroam WiFi


iBorrows are small, lightweight laptops that provide a flexible way for you to study anywhere inside the buildings that they're available within.

Find an iBorrow to use


Connect with us


Connect with us