Impaired Performance Request

Students who have taken an examination or time-specific assessment, but experienced an issue during or close to that date which affected their performance may request a further chance to take the assessment, with supporting professional evidence.

You can use this to request: 

  • A further chance to take an examination or time-specific assessment (at the next available opportunity).

If your request is approved, you will not receive a mark for the assessment(s) you have applied for and must take it again on the agreed date to achieve a mark for that assessment.

To make this request, you must provide appropriate supporting professional evidence with your form; if you submit your form without evidence, it will be declined.

For further guidance please see the following FAQs:

You must submit your request no more than 7 days after you have taken your assessment.

If you submit this request late you must include your reason for lateness and be aware that your request may not be approved.  You cannot make an application after you have received your marks or feedback for the assessment or once a Board of Examiners has met to confirm your results for that assessment.

If you have not yet attempted your assessment, you should complete an Evidence-Based Extension request instead.

Criteria for making an Impaired Performance request

This is designed for issues of a short-term nature (e.g. affecting you for a few weeks) which occurred close to your assessment date and therefore affected your performance in it.

To make this request, your situation must be:

  • exceptional (i.e. beyond the normal challenges faced by students);
  • unexpected (i.e. you could not have anticipated it); and
  • beyond your control

If your feel the issue might last for some time, you may need longer-term support (e.g. a Negotiated Learning Plan; if so, you should contact your Programme Team or a Student Health and Wellbeing Adviser for advice about support options.

To check if your reason for request is acceptable under the University’s procedures please read the following:

If you need advice about whether you are eligible to make a request, you should speak to your Programme Team or a Student Health & Wellbeing Adviser as soon as possible.

Please note: A further chance to take your examination or time-specific assessment is not an automatic right. For your request to be approved you must have an acceptable reason, apply on time and provide appropriate professional evidence with your form.

To make sure this is the right type of Extenuating Circumstance request for you, please see the following guidance:

Completing the request form

You will need to complete the word form below, and ensure you submit it with your supporting professional evidence within 7 days of your assessment deadline or date.

To complete this form, you will need:

  • Your student ID number (this can be found on your Smartcard)
  • All relevant module titles and codes (module codes start with the letter 'M' and are a maximum of 9 digits in length; these can be found on the Module Blackboard or in your Programme Handbook)
  • Your assessment date(s)

You should submit this form by email to the following location, depending on the Faculty in which your programme sits:

  • Faculty of Arts & Humanities: To your Programme’s Administrator
  • Faculty of Education: To your Programme’s Administrator
  • Faculty of Health & Wellbeing: To
  • Faculty of Social & Applied Sciences: To your Programme’s Administrator

If you are a combined honours student you should send your form to the administrators for each subject. If you are unsure where to send your form, please check your module blackboard, Programme Handbook or ask the i-zone.

Download Impaired Performance Request Form

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