Student Mediation Service and Peer Mediation

The Mediation Clinic offers a Peer Mediation Service, which is FREE to all CCCU students to help resolve problems.

Issues that mediation can assist with include:

  • landlord/tenant disputes
  • problems with neighbours
  • problems with other students
  • issues students might have with their employers off campus


An integral part of the Law and Criminal Justice Department's misson is to train students in alternative dispute resolution methods and provide them with opportunities to gain practical experience of the process. Any LLB student studying for a Qualifying Law Degree (QLD) must take the compulsory module "Theory of Dispute Resolution" in year 2 of their studies and one of the optional practical ADR modules in year 3. They can then provide peer mediation under the supervision of an accredited and experienced mediator.

Please| or on 01227-863026

This initiative is strongly supported by the Christ Church Student Union|. For futher information contact Ellie Martin at: |or on 01227-782272







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