CFET 2009 : Conference Theme

The 3rd International Conference on Cybercrime Forensics Education & Training.  

The conference invites papers, practical workshop proposals, poster presentations including the following:

  • Development of cybercrime forensics as a new discipline
  • Hacking detection, prevention & prosecution
  • Viruses and antivirus software
  • Police cybercrime training
  • Commercial training in cybercrime forensics
  • University and college cybercrime education
  • Professional body support for cybercrime education
  • Supporting police investigations
  • Companies subcontracting forensic analysis
  • Defining educational programmes and their objectives
  • Ethical, professional and legal issues
  • New software tools for cybercrime forensics
  • International cooperation to develop standards
  • Career pathways in cybercrime forensics
  • Network and mobile communication technologies
  • Cooperation of commercial and academic partners
  • Case studies in cybercrime forensics
  • Cybercrime risk management and disaster planning
  • Biometrics, CCTV, ANPR and Internet forensic evidence
  • Government responses to cybercrime