BA/BSc Sociology, Combined and Single Honours

 Sociology Logo 2012

It is easy to take society and our place within it for granted.
Sociology seeks instead to question, explore
and ultimately understand how societies are organised, and how
this affects each of us. The subject matter is therefore, diverse,
fascinating and relevant to our everyday lives.

What does Sociology involve?
Perhaps more than anything sociology is a way of thinking,
an insatiable curiosity about the world. Studying Sociology
enables you to think differently, to think critically and analytically
about your life and its context.

Of course, Sociology is not alone in trying to understand the relationship between individuals and their social contexts; psychology, philosophy, cultural studies and politics, for instance, all share this concern. At Canterbury Christ Church University we recognise this, and so have designed our degree to incorporate insights from the other social sciences.

Key questions within Sociology include:
■ What gives society order, and why do some people break
the rules?
■ How and why do societies change over time?
■ How do norms and values influence our thinking and actions?
■ How and why society is divided?
■ How does power work, and why do some people have it
when others don’t?
■ How do individual actions shape the social world?