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Politics and International Relations


If you want to study in a friendly and lively environment and have an opportunity to get involved in real politics take a look at our degrees/courses:

  •   Politics and International Relations (Single Honours)
  •   Politics and Global Governance (Single Honours)
  •   International Relations (Combined Honours)
  •   Global Politics (Combined Honours)
  •   Politics and Governance (Combined Honours)

Join one of our programmes and you will not only gain in-depth knowledge of the political arena, you will also be able to specialise in your chosen area of interest; from, the United Nations to the politics of Latin America, there's plenty of choice for you.

All courses provide a balance of current issues, theoretical analysis and historical context to explore the national, international and global structures which have shaped and continue to shape political activity and our daily lives.  

Studying with us means you won't just learn through lectures and tutorials. There will be opportunities to go on field trips to places such as the House of Commons, the European Union institutions in Belgium and the international courts at The Hague, and you can get directly involved in the political arena with our 'Making Politics Matter' initiative. This innovative initiative is all about holding our politicians to account. Recent events attended by senior politicians, have included 'Free Trade vs. fair trade', responses to the financial crisis, student tuition, immigration, and the politics of the environment. 

What our students say

"My absolute favourite aspect of Canterbury Christ Church University is how I felt valued on my course... lecturers were absolutely fantastic and so supportive throughout my time here – with both academic and personal issues, and I now have great professional relationships which will last a lifetime."
(Victoria, Year 3)

"We have had a huge variation of top speakers nearly every week, including some famous names in the politics field. This has been an honour and has greatly enhanced my leaning experience."
(Sarah, Year 3)

Enhancing your career prospects

In a competitive job market it's important that you have all the right skills that employers are looking for. That's why our degrees stress the importance of transferable skills and employability at each level of study. You can expect to gain skills in critical thought and analysis, working autonomously and as part of a team, and the ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise fashion.

Politics and International Relations students are welcomed in a variety of different careers and professions including national and local government, the media, and public services so there are plenty of career possibilities for you.

Post-graduate opportunities

Politics and International Relations is accredited as a subject for PhD supervision by the University. Possible supervision areas include: Eastern European politics, environmental politics, geo-politics, global governance, the politics of leadership, and political philosophy. See staff research interests for further details.