Service User and Carer Involvement in the Psychology Doctorate Programme


Welcome to this section about service user and carer involvement in the Clinical Psychology Doctorate Programme.

The aims of service user and carer involvement in the Psychology Doctorate programme are;

To enhance the learning and future practice of clinical psychology trainees by drawing on knowledge and insight gained from the experience of one or more of the following:

Living with physical, neurological or psychological difficulties

Caring for someone who lives with these difficulties

Using services relevant to the field of clinical psychology theory and practice

To collaborate in ensuring that the work of clinical psychologists graduating from the programme is underpinned by values and practices centred on the goals, needs, and strengths of service users and their families.


“Service user involvement in the programme is innovative and exemplary, particularly in relation to the efforts being made to break down the them /us, staff/trainee/service user barrier towards a concept of all of us potentially or actually being service users. This has been and continues to be a process-based, systemic intervention into the whole programme that is an example of national best practice”.

The British Psychological Society 2011


Trainees  say service user and carer involvement:

"Changed the way I work"

“One of the reasons I chose to train at Salomons was the values it holds, in particular the value of the service user and using their voices as experts through experience” 

‘It’s not just a job. Service user and carer involvement helps us see more of the journey’   

‘Service user and carer involvement makes it real’


People who use services say:

"In the beginning we were seen as potential clients now we are seen as potential a resource. This has changed—"

‘As a service user I have found it both empowering, inclusive and engaging to be part of the Doctorate Programme. Our sessions are interesting and meaningful’

‘It [Service user and carer involvement ] keeps your brain working’

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