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External Supervisors, Tutors and Examiners

Welcome to the external resources page for the clinical psychology programme!

This page allows supervisors, external tutors and examiners to access PDF versions of handbooks and other information that serve as a source of reference concerning relevant policies and procedures of the clinical psychology training programme. Click below on the area that relates to your role(s) in the programme.

If there is additional information you would like us to consider adding to this page to help you in your work with our department please email Dr Jerry Burgess.

Placement Supervisors

Practice Learning Handbook|

Placement Information|

Information for Supervisors|

Training Review Handbook

Year Group Directors Contact Information |

Research Supervisors 

Research Supervisors Handbook |

Department Research Clusters |


Academic Handbook |


Assessment Handbook - 2011 Intake onwards| (2013/14: first, second and third years)

Assessment Handbook - 2010 and previous intakes| (2013/14: fourth and fifth years only)

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