DClinPsy Programme of Study

Our Clinical Psychology programme comprehensive was reviewed in 2011. The new programme received several commendations; notably for its design, described as being ‘at the leading edge in relation to NHS priorities’ and for service user involvement, which was seen as an example of national best practice. The flexibility of the new programme was also noted as a particular strength, particularly providing a greater focus on in-depth clinical skills, developing opportunities relating to leadership, increasing service user participation and providing specialist teaching options in the final year of study. Since 2011 we have continued to develop introducing new teaching on psychodynamic observation, placements in public health and increasing opportunities for specialization in the final year. 

"I like that the course gives an even mix of teaching on all different psychological models and doesn’t just focus on CBT. I like that there are lots of specialist placements available (e.g. Lots of systemic and psychodynamic placements, loads of IAPT placements, etc.). I’m also a big fan of the critical nature of the course and the emphasis on critical psychology."

Salomons Trainee, Alternative Handbook 2017

Competence framework

The programme is underpinned by a fundamental commitment to a broad understanding of human development, and its challenges, across the lifespan. This is seen as a helpful framework for understanding psychological difficulties and their relationship to biological, social, cultural and spiritual factors. This perspective is seen as complementary to traditional diagnostic classification frameworks and is viewed as an important aspect of person-centred psychological formulation.

"I think the course ethos itself, and how that is truly reflected in the approach to teaching and everything. The teaching is often interactive and leads to incredibly interesting debates, which foster critical thinking and honest dialogues with our own ‘self’ and others."

Salomons Trainee, Alternative Handbook 2017

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