Applied Psychology Consultancy

Since 1998 the centre has offered consultancy and knowledge exchange activities to build on and develop the work already undertaken by some of the department staff. Since then the centre has been busy with public sector development work, contributing to policy development and service development.

Dr Alex Hassett, working in conjunction with Professor Margie Callanan, leads on Consultancy and Knowledge Exchange for the centre.  Staff from across the centre are highly experienced public sector practitioners and academics, whose research, consultancy and training skills are applied to practice in terms of policy development, policy implementation and practice support in the public and voluntary sector are called upon to contribute to various projects as need be. The staff have professional and research qualifications, with consultancy and training experience. This work has been presented at international conferences, as well as national, and dissemination through publication is also a feature of their profile.


This unit currently offers a range of services including expert and process consultancy on the development of services in mental health and primary care. Significant components of our work focussed on the protection of vulnerable adults and the support and development of staff (individual and teams) in the public and voluntary sector. 

It also offers facilitation of team working at management and clinical levels, solution focused work in overcoming problem in policy implementation, professional and organisational mentoring and supervision. Work takes place with individuals, groups and organisations within the public sector and in social care agencies across the voluntary and independent sector including:

  • Supervision.
  • Mentoring.
  • Groups & Teams.
  • Organisations.
  • Networks.
  • Team Development Program Employee Mentorship Scheme.
  • Workforce Development.
  • Service Reviews.


Our team are all extremely research-active and are widely published within their field. These publications can be found by visiting the staff profiles of each member of staff listed on the right hand side of this page.

For further information, or to find out more about our practice consultancy and development programmes, please contact us.


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