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We are committed to excellence in all areas of scientific research. Our team of specialists are experts in many of the major sub-disciplines within the field, including cognitive, developmental, health, social and psychophysiological psychology. Our diverse expertise means we are able to pursue research of considerable significance, while also using our research findings to enhance the quality of our teaching.

Details of individual research activities can be found by browsing our staff profiles. You can also read about some of our current research activities below.

Learning and Development

Our research is concerned with social and cognitive development in children and adolescents.  In particular, we are interested in children’s learning and development in their social context.

Themes of work within the group include:

  • Parental scaffolding behaviour and home learning.
  • Prosocial helping and bystander behaviour.
  • Cyberbullying.
  • Young children and technology.
  • Achievement motivation and peer collaboration.

Read more about our Learning and Development research.

Society and Environment

This theme brings together a range of academics with applied and practice-focused research interests across a wide range of psychological areas. 

Although diverse in specific research topics, members of the group share an interest in the following overarching themes: 

  • Attitudes, experiences and behaviours of people in real and particular social groups, e.g. migrants, adolescents, audiences.
  • The cultural and societal context of these processes, including public discourse and the mass media.
  • Developing theory and knowledge in an applied context with real and a priori groups.
  • Critical, qualitative, and mixed-methods psychology.
  • Sustainability, including public reactions to environmental policy; attitudes and engagement; discourses surrounding environmental issues. 

Read more about our Society and Environment research.

Creativity and Cognition

Thinking and creativity play a major role in everyday life. Whether in business, healthcare the media, science or education, thinking and creativity are a key to success. Research conducted by the members of the group includes:

  • Techniques used to enhance creative problem solving.
  • Creative writing ability.
  • How personality influences musical creativity.
  • The interpretation of art.

Read more about our Creativity and Cognition research.

Health and Wellbeing

This research theme brings together a range of academics with research interests across a wide range of psychological areas that are broadly related to the areas of health and well-being.

Research conducted by members of the group covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Well-being and anxiety in musicians and arts performers.
  • The influence of the environment on well-being.
  • The integration of the environment into therapeutic contexts.
  • The potential for intention and energy centres to enhance health and well-being.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and psychological flexibility.

Read more about our Health and Wellbeing research

81-98% of research undertaken and submitted to the 2014 REF by staff in Psychology across a range of units of assessment has been recognised as world leading or internationally significant.


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