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Making a difference

Making a Difference

Our degree programmes have been developed to provide you with a stimulating and challenging environment where you will be both engaged and inspired by the learning on offer.

Not only will you benefit from outstanding teaching across all of our subject areas, but you will also gain valuable skills to help you succeed in your chosen career.



Psychology deals with how we perceive the everyday world; how we respond to it, how we learn from it, and how our mental processes change over time.

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Politics And International Relations

Our Politics and International Relations courses investigate the 'big issues' that affect the world today. 

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Sociology asks challenging questions about the ways in which social life is organised, structured and experienced.

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Salomons Applied Psychology

Our Salomons Centre for Applied Psychology provides professional education as well bespoke training, supervision and clinical consultancy services.

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In our latest research highlight, Professor Jan Burns talks about the issues surrounding classification of athletes with learning disabilities in the Paralympic Games.

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