Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations

Our innovative and exciting programmes have been designed to address the big issues in modern politics and international relations. These include how our societies are governed, and just how the key decisions that shape our lives are made.


If you are interested in the way the world works, then our Politics degree will suit you down to the ground.

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If you take an interest in the day-to-day aspects of international news and political affairs, then our International Relations degree is for you.

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EU politics is at the forefront of public interest and debate. Now is the time to come and join us, study and learn more.

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Our degrees equip graduates with the specific knowledge required to build a career in the wider political arena.

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We take pride in the use of innovative strategies in the teaching of political science.

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We conduct research into all areas of Politics and International Relations, and use this research to enhance the quality of our teaching.

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The Jean Monnet Award

We have recently been awarded three prestigious Jean Monnet funding grants which we will use to enhance teaching and learning on the European Union.

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Making Politics Matter

Making Politics Matter is a staff-student initiative that aims to engage the local population through regular, thought-provoking, and current political debates.

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We host regular special events throughout the year. These include public lectures, seminars, trips abroad, and more! 

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