Our Centre for European Studies (CEFEUS) hosts a number of activities in European Politics, based upon a three-fold mandate of teaching, training and outreach to foster progressive insights on EU integration, locally, nationally, and internationally.

University Teaching Fellowship Team Award 2016 given to the Centre for European Studies for their strong commitment to student learning and experience through innovative teaching methods.


We offer two undergraduate Jean Monnet modules in European foreign and strategic policy, plus a postgraduate module on EU foreign affairs as part of the new MSc in European Politics

CEFEUS wins teaching award

Europe: from continent to community

The politics of economics

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CCCU’s Centre for European Studies produces Kent’s first sector-specific Brexit appraisal.

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We have organised a range of special 'Jean Monnet events', including field trips, guest lectures and other activities. We have also launched our annual CEFEUS Speaker Series: a new, high-profile event, featuring a key speaker in autumn and spring terms.

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About us

We are a Jean Monnet 'Centre of Excellence', and have been awarded additional funding to launch our brand new Centre for European Studies.

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CEFEUS Director named International EU Expert

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Jean Monnet award

With our 2015 Jean Monnet funding, courtesy of the European Union Life Long Learning Programme, we have been able to provide new and improved modules in EU foreign affairs, alongside webinars, master classes and workshops. 

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Jean Monnet Chair

Dr Amelia Hadfield is the CCCU Jean Monnet Chair, and the Director of our newly-established CEFEUS. 

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