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Dr Sarah Lieberman

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Psychology Politics and Sociology

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 923856

Profile summary

Dr Sarah Lieberman is Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations and is currently the Programme Director for the Politics and International Relations programmes. Having gained her PhD on the European regulation of genetically modified crops and foods at Newcastle University in June 2007, Sarah started work at Canterbury Christ Church University in September 2007.

Dr Lieberman is responsible for the first year module, EU: From Continent to Community; the second year module, Global Governance; and the third year module; Security and Space.

Sarah has carried on research work into the regualtion of GM crops and foods, and into environmental governance more generally. She also has a firm academic interest in pedagogy, teaching and learning in politics and international relations and is a member of the European Studies teaching and learning forum.

Teaching and subject expertise

Dr Sarah Lieberman is a member of UACES - The Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies, and of the Joint European Studies Teaching and Learning Network.

In 2014, Dr Lieberman won three years of Jean Monnet module funding for the first year module Europe: From Continent to Community 

External activities

Sarah was an invited speaker at the UACES Student forum Seminars November 2014: Teaching European Studies, seminar title "Using the Internet for Teaching Purposes".

Sarah Lieberman “How Supermarkets Decide What We Eat: The Curious Cases of GMOs and Horsemeat” Presented at the 2014 UACES Conference, Cork, 2nd September 2014 

Sarah Lieberman “Integrating formative assessment into curriculum based learning” Presented at The 1st European Conference on Teaching and Learning Politics, International Relations and European Studies, Maastricht, 27th June 2014 

Sarah Lieberman “Using Facebook as a Learning Tool” Presented at the Teaching European Studies Post-Lisbon Conference, London Metropolitan University, 12th May 2011 

Sarah Lieberman, Anthony Zito “Government and Governance in European GMO Policy” presented at the Brocher Foundation Conference ‘Regulating Next Generation Genomics: Emerging Agricultural Biotechnology Governance Challenges’, Geneva, Switzerland, 8-9 July 2010. 

Sarah Lieberman, Tim Gray and AJR Groom “Moratorium: in search of a concept in an environmental context” Presented (by AJR Groom) at the International Studies Association Annual Meeting Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro Campus (PUC-Rio), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jul 22, 2009

Publications and research outputs

Lieberman, S and Zito, A (2013) “Government and governance on the issue of GMO labelling in the EU” submitted for peer review to Regulation and Governance September 2014 

Lieberman, S (2013) “Using Facebook as an Interactive Learning Environment in European Political Studies” European Political Science advance online publication, 7 June 2013; doi:10.1057/eps.2013.30 

Lieberman, S and Zito, A (2012) “Contested Frames: Comparing EU versus US GMO Policy” in eds. Howlett, M and Laycock, D Regulating Next Generation Agri-Food Biotechnologies, Routledge, London 

Lieberman, S; Gray, T and Groom, AJR (2012) “Moratoria in international politics: a comparative analysis of the moratoria on genetically modified products and commercial whaling” British Journal of Politics and International Relations Volume 14, Issue 4, pages 518–533, November 2012 

Lieberman, S and Gray, T (2008) “The impact on developing countries of the tension between the USA and the EU over GMOs: opportunity or threat?” British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 10 (3) 395-412 

Lieberman, S and Gray, T (2008) “The World Trade Organisation’s Report on the EU’s Moratorium on Biotech Products: the wisdom of the US challenge to the EU in the WTO” Global Environmental Politics 8 (1)

Lieberman, S and Gray, T (2007) “The role of myths in the conflict between the USA and the EU over genetically modified organisms” European Environment 17, 376-386 

Lieberman, S and Gray, T (2006) “The so-called ‘moratorium’ on the licensing of new genetically modified (GM) products by the European Union 1998-2004: a study in ambiguity” Environmental Politics, 15(4), 592-609


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