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Dr. Ian Kennedy

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Law, Criminal Justice and Computing

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 921844

Profile summary

Digital forensic practitioner experience

  • Over ten years of operational casework experience in law enforcement, corporate and MOD intelligence.
  • Casework experience includes (but is not limited to): Fraud, Intellectual property (IP) theft, indecent images of children, malware attacks, threats to life, kidnapping, suicide and intelligence reporting.
  • On-site experience of warrant execution (law enforcement ‘raids’) to secure digital evidence
  • Technical lead on questioning during police suspect interviews
  • Covert and overt on-site forensic data acquisition both in the UK and overseas
  • Task scoping and planning of forensic strategy, in accordance with local jurisdiction requirements and business needs
  • Author of in excess of 300 Expert reports for CPS, solicitors, senior business teams and intelligence teams
  • Expert Witness testimony at civil, criminal and youth courts
  • Use of programming/scripting to solve complex or otherwise time consuming tasks for the team, including (but not limited to) C#, Ruby, EnScript, Python and C++
  • Management of exhibits marked as Legal Professional Privilege (LPP) material
  • Ingesting, processing and shaping of e-discovery based data for provision to civil litigation teams


Training profile:

  • Mac/Linux Examinations (Guidance Software)
  • Intermediate Apple Mac Forensics (BlackBag Technologies, San Jose, CA, USA)
  • Introduction to GNU/Linux  (Centre for National Hi-Tech Crime Training)
  • Encase Advanced Analysis and Reporting (Guidance Software)
  • Advanced Internet Forensic Traces            (Centre for National Hi-Tech Crime Training)
  • Access Data Boot Camp (Access Data)
  • Forensic Document Examination (Cranfield University RMCS)
  • Courtroom skills (Bond Solon)
  • Level I Investigative Interview skills (Kent Police)
  • Forensic Computing Foundation (Cranfield University RMCS)
  • Encase Intermediate Analysis and Reporting (Guidance Software)
  • Core Skills in Data Recovery and Analysis (Centre for National High Tech Crime Training)

Research and knowledge exchange

My research interests include computer security and in particular malware artefact analysis.  I am undertaking my PhD part-time which explores the confidence placed in tools used to conduct malware investigations  in a criminal investigation context.  Few of the tools available to investigate malware are designed for forensic use and their scientific reliability is unknown.  My work looks to propose a framework for evaluating these tools and hence introduce a greater level of scientific rigor within the courtroom.

Teaching and subject expertise

I have been teaching part-time since 1995 where I started teaching GCSE Maths in the FE sector.  Over the years I have taught web design, programming and since 2008 I have been an Associate Lecturer for the Open University on their Digital Forensics programme.  I am a Chartered Engineer (CEng), a member of the British Computer Society (MBCS), a Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP).

Publications and research outputs

  • Policing Digital Crime, Ed. Robin Bryant, Ashgate, 2014 (Contrib. author)
  • The Trojan Defence, iTunesU, May 2011  (
  • Towards scientific malware analysis, Proc. 4th International Conference on Cybercrime Forensics Education & Training, Canterbury, 2-3 September 2010
  • Playing with fire: Dissecting malicious software, Digital Forensics Mag., 2010
  • Investigating Digital Crime, Ed. Robin Bryant, Wiley, 2008 (Contrib. author)
  • The Silent Digital Witness, Solicitor’s Journal, September 2007
  • Computer CSI, Personal Computer World, April 2007, p56-57
  • Presenting digital evidence to court, BCS, October 2006  (
  • The electronic autopsy - digital forensics Part 1, BCS, August 2006  (
  • Looking for foul play - digital forensics Part 2, BCS, August 2006  (
  • It was the big wooden horse, your Honour, BCS, August 2006  (


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