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Mr Ben Waters

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Law, Criminal Justice and Computing

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 922253

Profile summary

I am a qualified Solicitor, accredited Mediator and Senior Lecturer in Law. I am the founder of the University’s Mediation Clinic, the first to be based in a UK university and am currently Director of the CLOCK in Kent Community Legal Companion Project.

Having joined academia from private legal practice, I have brought with me extensive experience of general civil litigation including effective practical negotiation skills in the area of dispute resolution. Since becoming a mediator I have conducted over 40 mediations.

My practical expertise is underpinned with a sound understanding of negotiation and mediation theory. I have published in peer reviewed journals, presented papers on mediation and legal education/pedagogy at conference and have a research interest in civll justice and experiential learning.

I have a Masters Degree in Educational Studies and an interest in legal education led to my appointment as the Learning Resources Reviews Editor of The Law Teacher; The International Journal of Legal Education, a peer reviewed Law journal published quarterly by Routledge with a global readership circulation to over 2,300 institutions.

I qualified as a solicitor in 1994 and as well as a Masters Degree, I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Law (UWE Bristol), BA (Hons) Degree in History & Education (Surrey) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and National Teaching Fellow nominee.

Through my interest in experiential approaches to legal education, I am responsible for extra-curricular student competitions and provide regular negotiation and mediation workshops, preparing students for national Law student competitions. I am currently working on an 'Access to Justice' community outreach research project which trains Law students to act as Community Legal Companions at the local law courts.

In 2016 I was recipient of the University Teaching Excellence Award for Innovation.

Research and knowledge exchange

Selected activites:

During the Spring Semester 2013, I was a visiting scholar on the University of Pennsylvania Law School's International Research Scholar Program;

As part of my postgraduate studies, I have engaged in research into students' perceptions of the efficacy of role-play simulation as a means of studying mediation.

Successful funding bids have included;

2016 - HEIF Research internship (£2,500) - A Study into the Destination of Law Leavers.

2014-15 - RED Research Internships (£5,000) - An Analysis of Local & Regional Solicitors’ Attitudes to and Use of Mediation.

2014 - HEIF4 Funding (£2,000) for the exploration of partnerships with local companies for workplace mediation at Sandwich Discovery Park.

2010-11 - HEIF4 Funding (£20,000) - for development of the Mediation Clinic Project 2010.

2009 - Nuffield Foundation: Social Science Small Grant Award (£7450), assisted S Tong with a successful application to fund an evaluation into adult prison victim/offender RJ mediation.

2007-09 - RIT Funding: "Research In Teaching" funding (£18,000) for establishing the Mediation Clinic Project.

Teaching and subject expertise

I have extensive practical legal knowledge and being a non-practising Solicitor, I am a member of the Law Society of England and Wales. I am supportive of socio-critical legal education and through an interest in experiential teaching and learning approaches I have developed the innovative dispute resolution curriculum as a defined pathway within the LLB Law Degree, for which I was awarded the presigious UTEA (Innovation) 2016.

Some of my committee, networking and organisational affiliations, are as follows:

  • Editorial Board Member and Learning Resources & Reviews Editor: The Law Teacher (peer reviewed Law journal published quartley by Routledge);
  • Board Member: Academic Committee Civil Mediation Council;
  • Trustee and Chair: Canterbury & District Mediation Service;
  • Board Member: Kent Dispute Resolution Network (co-founding member);
  • National Mediation Providers Association (institutional membership rep);
  • Board Member and Chair: UK Student Mediation Competition.

Academic Responsibility for the following undergraduate modules;

  • Introduction to Dispute Resolution (BA/BSc Scheme) 2013 –
  • Theory of Dispute Resolution (BA/BSc Scheme) 2007 –
  • Civil & Commercial Mediation (BA/BSc Scheme) 2011 –
  • Law of Tort (BA/BSc Scheme) 2010-2012
  • Community Conflict Resolution (BA/BSc Scheme) 2010
  • English Legal System (BA/BSc Scheme) 2008-2012
  • Practice of Dispute Resolution (BA/BSc Scheme) 2008-2010
  • The Individual in Relation to Crime & Justice (BA/BSc Scheme) 2008-10
  • Introduction to Law (BA/BSc Scheme) 2006-08
  • Introduction to Law (Policing) 2005-08
  • FI & Criminal Justice System (BA/BSc Scheme) 2006-08
  • Introduction to Law (BA/BSc Scheme) 2006-08
  • Introduction to Law (Policing) 2005-08

External Examining Responsibilities:

  • University of Gloucestershire - LLB Law;
  • University of Strathclyde - LLM/MSc Mediation & Conflict Resolution.

External activities


Waters, B D, Paper; The Value of Community Participation from the Perspective of Law School Undergraduates involved as Community Legal Companions, presented at the International Journal of Clinical Legal Education/Clinical Legal Education Organisation Conference, Northumbria University, (July, 2017).

Waters, B D, Paper; The Role of Mediation in Domestic and International Dispute Settlement, presented at the Contemporary International Law Issues in Context, Law Summer Conference, CCCU, (20th and 21st June 2017).

Waters, B D, with Ashton J, Paper; Situated Learning through the CLOCK Community Legal Companion Scheme Project, presented at the Association of Law Teachers Conference, University of Portsmouth, (April 2017).

Waters, B D, Presentation; CLOCK in Kent - The Community Legal Companion Scheme at Canterbury Combined Court, Kent Family Justice Board Conference, Maidstone, (November 2016).

Waters, B D, Paper; The Importance of Teaching Dispute Resolution In a 21st Century Law School, presented at the 50th Annual Conference of the Association of Law Teachers, Cardiff, (March, 2015).

Waters, B D, Paper; The Role of the Mediation Clinic, presented at Inter-Faculty Staff Conference, CCCU with Rosamund R, Making Intelligent Citizens: the University, Public Service and the Community, (July 2013).

Waters, B D, Presentation; Kent 20/20 Vision Event, Business Exhibition and Conference, Mediation & Your Business, (April, 2012).

Waters, B D, Paper; The Mediation Clinic Project, presented at the Adventures in Learning and Teaching, Inter-Faculty Conference, CCCU, (April, 2009).

Waters, B D, Paper; ‘How a Mediation Clinic Can Inform the Curriculum’, presented at the International Journal of Clinical Legal Education/Clinical Legal Education Organisation Conference, Cork University, (July, 2008).

Waters, B D, Paper; The Mediation Clinic Project An RIT Funded Initiative; Paper presented at Canterbury Christ Church University Inter-Faculty Conference (April, 2008).

Waters, B D, Presentation; Why a Mediation Clinic? Mediation Clinic Launch, Canterbury Christ Church University, (November, 2007).

Waters, B. D, Paper with Cohen, C, and Phipps, J: ‘Diversity, Policing and Alternative Dispute Resolution’, presented at the Education and Extremism Conference at Roehampton University, (July, 2007).

Publications and research outputs

Selected work:

Waters B. D., Co-Author/Editor, 4th Edition, ADR Practice & Procedure by Brown & Marriott, (Sweet & Maxwell), (forthcoming 2018);

Waters B.D., and Ashton J, A Study into Situated Learning through Community Legal Companionship, International Journal of Clinical Legal Education, (forthcoming).

Waters B. D. et al, Mediating Serious Crime with Institutional Affiliation, International Restorative Justice, (forthcoming).

Waters B. D., The Importance of Teaching Dispute Resolution in a 21st Century Law School, The Law Teacher, 51.2 (2017): 227-248;

Waters B. D. (2017), Mediation Law: Journey through Institutionalism to Juridification, by Penny Brooker, (Routledge, 2013) Review for Mediation Theory & Practice, Volume 1, No. 2, 2017;

Waters B.D. Research Supervision with Gordon-Bouvier E and Siliafis K; A Study into the Destination of Law Leavers (2016).

Waters B. D., A Part to Play; The Value of Role-Play in the Undergraduate Law Curriculum, The Law Teacher 50.2 (2016), 172-194;

Waters B. D., ‘Mediation’, in Legal Method, Skills and Reasoning, Hanson S. (ed.), (Routledge, 2015);

Waters B. D., Woodroffe & Lowe’s Consumer Law & Practice, (Sweet & Maxwell, 2013, 9th Edition), Review: The Law Teacher, 49:2, 221-223, (2014);

Waters B. D., Widening Participation in Higher Education: The Legacy for Legal Education, The Law Teacher, 47:2 (2013), 261-269;

Waters B. D., ‘Mediation and Experiential Learning’, International Journal of Clinical Legal Education, Autumn 2011, 90-95.

Waters B. D., ‘The Legal Issues Relating to Infection Control’, in ‘Infection Control: A psychosocial approach to changing practice’, by Elliott, P. (Radcliffe, 2009);

Waters B. D. and Raznovich L.; ‘How a Mediation Clinic Can Inform the Curriculum’, (Oct 2009), open source;

Waters B. D. and  Raznovich, L.; ‘A Research in Teaching Mediation Clinic’, Research Informed Teaching: Learning in Research Mode, Graham-Matheson, L. (ed.)  CCCU (2008);

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