Masterclass Lectures

As part of our on-going commitment to learning and professional development, we host regular ‘Masterclass’ lectures, where we invite special guest speakers to share their insights into the world of Computing, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity.

IBM Blockchain Revolution: Computing Christmas Master Talk

The Christmas master talk will provide a thought-provoking insight into the transformational impact and potential of this technology. A whistle stop tour of Blockchain business networks and links for the IBM Hyperledger toolkit will also be shared. Read more about this event.

Juniper Networks: Boot Camp

Canterbury Christ Church University was pleased to welcome Juniper Networks, to deliver a 2-day training course on computer networking fundamentals on 15th and 16th of May 2017. Read more about this event.

Data Loss Prevention 

Canterbury Christ Church University was pleased to welcome Mark Kendrew, Director of Apollo CIS, to deliver an Insider Threat Workshop on 28th February 2017, in support of our Data Loss Prevention week. Read more about this event.

Hydrogen Batteries for the Robot age

In our latest Computing Masterclass, David Jazani will lead a session on 'Hydrogen Batteries for the Robot age'. Read more about this event.

Events from previous academic years

Cybersecurity 2000 to 2025

In March, international cybersecurity expert Raef Meeuwisse gave a presentation about the wealth of measures available to deter potential attackers, and how easily they can be defeated. Read more about this event.

The Edward Snowden situation

Prof. Alastair Irons from the University of Sunderland presented the issues surrounding the Edward Snowden situation, including the implications for security, the lessons learned, and what we can do for the future. Read more about this event.

Digital forensics and reverse engineering

In mid March, Adam Hughes led a session on 'Digital forensics and reverse engineering: handling malware threats and malware-based investigations within modern business'. Read more about this event

Digital/technological convergence and disruptive technology

In early March, as part of our Masterclass lecture series, Dr Simon Moores gave an inspirational presentation on the subject of digital/technological convergence and disruptive technology. Read more about this event.

Trends in corporate IT

In February, Rob Neil, Director of Accordio Ltd presented a Computing Masterclass, "From CIO to Solution Hunter: Trends in the Corporate IT World". Read more about this event.

Your secret is safe with me?

In January, international cybersecurity strategist Mike Loginov hosted a Masterclass on cybersecurity education, risk and awareness. His lecture opened up the fascinating world of social engineering, and the tricks, traits and tools employed by those that see people as the area of chief vulnerability for the purpose of intrusion and compromise. Read more about this event.

The 'Internet of Nanothings'

In December Paul Stannard, of the World Nano Foundation presented a Masterclass lecture on the "Internet of NanoThings". This lecture explored the convergence of nanotechnology with the Internet of Things (IoT) and the promises it offers in terms of many applications in the biomedical, industrial and military fields as well as in consumer and industrial goods. Read more about this event


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