Undergraduate Study

Our undergraduate science degrees provide a broad-ranging introduction to the Life Sciences, while also helping you develop a set of key transferable skills applicable to the world of work. A number of our degrees are also offered with an additional foundation year (Year 0). Whether you are a school-leaver or someone considering returning to study but don’t have the entry requirements for your chosen subject, a foundation year course may be just what you’re looking for.

Animal Science

This programme is ideal for anyone seeking to work in an animal-related occupation such as animal care, animal welfare, zoos and wildlife parks, veterinary situations, farms, and wildlife conservation. The course will also help you develop set of transferable skills appropriate to a wide range of settings, and for further advanced study. Find out more about Animal Science.


Our BSc in Biology will prepare you for work in the science sector by placing a focus on practical work in the laboratory. This is your chance to gain a strong foundation in the skills and knowledge you will need to forge a career in this fascinating area. Find out more about Biology.

Biomolecular Science 

Our BSc in Biomolecular Science encompasses the study of genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology to ensure you gain important practical skills and knowledge in these key areas. You will also be able to take advantage of our excellent industry links, interacting with biotech companies and gaining valuable experience. Find out more about Biomolecular Science. 


Our BSc in Ecology takes an interdisciplinary approach and incorporates applied modules designed to increase practical skills with modules giving you vital background theory. Our aim is to enable you to work as a thinking, flexible, modern ecologist. Find out more about Ecology.

Plant Science

Our innovative BSc in Plant Science has been put together by a very experienced team in discussion with key stakeholders in the horticultural and agricultural industry. The resulting qualification will not only make you highly employable within this industry, and allied support industries, but will also equip you with a range of transferable skills highly valued by all sectors from farming to finance. Find out more about Plant Science.

Human Biology

Our BSc in Human Biology offers you the opportunity to receive interdisciplinary expert research-informed and -involved teaching in a variety of core topics specifically relevant to human form, function and disease. You will learn how to apply a theoretical scientific knowledge base to active research areas that address contemporary challenges in society. Find out more about Human Biology.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science studies the intricate relationships that link water, land and atmosphere. As such this course is perfect for anyone with an interest in the environment and the many complex mechanisms that make our planet work. Find out more about Environmental Science.


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