About us

Our Faculty is home to a vibrant and diverse mix of academics and practitioners, working together to provide high quality teaching and knowledge generation in the public and private sectors.

Our mission

We recognise the power of education to transform individuals, communities and the wider social world. As such we encourage all forms of collaboration for the benefit of our students, staff and wider stakeholders, working together to confront the many challenges that face us today.

Learning and teaching

We have an excellent and highly motivated team of teaching staff, from a range of academic and professional backgrounds. This means we are able to offer a strong blend of academic theory and applied expertise, ensuring our students are equipped with relevant and practical skills to aid them in the world of work. Indeed, many of our programmes have direct links with employers, and can even provide professional accreditation, giving our students the very best head start in their future careers.


Our Faculty is experiencing a rapid growth in areas of research and knowledge exchange. As well as our well-established SPEAR research centre, we have seen strong growth in other areas, such as Cybercrime Investigation, Business Accounting and Finance, and Applied Psychology, to name but a few.


Alongside our research groups, we also offer a range of consultancy services, and other projects with which we aim to share our knowledge with others. From our psychology practice consultancy to the Mediation Clinic, and SportsLab, we aim to build strong relationships with the many groups we work with, transforming lives, and building a brighter, sustainable future for all.

Contact us

Prof. Callum Firth
Dean, Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences

Theresa Gadsby-Bourner
Assistant to the Dean

T:   01227 782852
Dr Simon Harvey 

Faculty Director of Research

T:   01227 782327
Dr Suzanne Dowse

Faculty Director of Quality

T:   01227 921877
Dr Chris Beedie

Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange

T:   01227 921873
Dr Susan Kenyon 

Director of Learning and Teaching

T:   01227 921750
Giles Polglase

Director of Operations

T:   01227 921926
Carole Whitehead

Faculty Administrative Assistant - Teaching and Quality

T:   01227 921642
Sally-Ann Chambers

Faculty Manager (Quality)

T:   01227 921642


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