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Sarah Craske

Chain Reaction
22 November - 21 December

CHAIN REACTION is an exhibition that explores creative and scientific processes in response to the 30th anniversary of the invention of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). This reaction is routinely performed by a humble box on the lab bench, the PCR machine.  Scientists use it every day but rarely stop to think about it; most of the rest of us have never even heard of it.  Yet it is the unsung hero of the genetic revolution behind police forensics, disease diagnosis, paternity testing and the human genome project.

As such PCR forms an unexpected route into the heart of how scientists actually work in their laboratories. Funded by the AHRC, six artists have been invited to engage with scientists from the University of Kent's School of Biosciences to learn what the PCR machine does, how it works and the impact it has had on society. Their artworks reveal the chain reactions occurring within PCR, between science and society, between scientists and artists ... and who knows where next ...




colour photograph

Naiza Khan

9 October - 9 November

image: Still from Homage Naiza Khan

The Manora Project traces Khan's recent engagements with the disrupted landscape of Karachi city and her long-term investigation of the Island of Manora. Making works of art that are at once lyrical and fiercely engaged, Khan stretches the definition of political art by articulating in the richest possible terms the relationship between subjectivity and politics.

This show has been kindly co-sponsored by The Abode, Canterbury.




MA Fine and Applied Art Degree Show

6 September - 21 September

Simon Tonkiss

An exciting contemporary exhibition profiling  CCCU's graduating MA Fine and Applied Art students , exhibiting painting, photography, film,  sculpture and drawing. Contained in this exciting range of work is the invitation for the spectator to be involved imaginatively with the process and thought of art.


SCG Contemporary Print Fair

31 July - 24 August




image courtesy of the PrintBlock

This year’s Contemporary Print Fair has been partnered with The Print Block and together we have invited artists who are using print in a variety of media to put forward works that celebrate print in its widest form

We are running print workshops along side this exhibition: please see our events page for further information.



PGCE Exhibition: In The Making

5 July - 20 July



Pete Webster

In the Making is the culmination of our Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) students’ response to an intense and exciting experience of learning to become artist-designer/teachers.

Students from our PGCE 11 - 18 Art and Design Technology courses, celebrate their achievements and the strong partnership link between our Faculty of Education and secondary schools in Kent and Medway.

The exhibition features examples of students’ own creative practice and their work as teachers in a rich variety and range of 2D and 3D media and processes.


2013 Graduate Show: Photography

14 June - 27 June

Nicholas Hall

This exhibition celebrates our photography students’ achievements and showcases substantial final year photographic projects.


Degree Show: BA Fine and Applied Arts / BA Visual Art and Design

25 May - 6 June


Graduating students from our art degree programmes will showcase their work in the Sidney Cooper Gallery and painting studios, Augustine House and the Augustine Art Centre.

Work will include painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, film, photography and digital art.

Rob Ball photograph

The Collected

10 April - 27 April

Rob Ball, Unremarkable Stories

This contemporary art exhibition begins with the work of award-winning Magnum Photographer Mark Power and brings together the collected work of practitioners from Canterbury Christ Church University’s Media, Art and Design Department. For the gallery visitor, the diversity of media utilised will be immediately apparent: painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, filmmakers, sound artists will all contribute.

The embracing of such diverse artistic disciplines seeks to provide a dynamic conversation both across and between the various media.

Michael Craig-Martin PrintMichael Craig-Martin            Alphabet 
22 February - 23 March

Michael Craig-Martin, Alphabet, 2007  Courtesy: Alan Cristea Gallery, London  

Michael Craig-Martin is one of the most influential British artists of recent decades. He was a key figure for the YBA generation of artists, whom he taught in his capacity as tutor at Goldsmiths College of Art. In his recent series, Alphabet, he has produced 26 screen-prints in which the letters of the alphabet are overlaid with everyday objects such as a book, a glass of water or an umbrella.

Created in his signature style, these visually arresting images are set against a background of vivid monochrome colours. In this series Craig-Martin plays with the idea of the ABC childrens primer. Instead of a direct ‘A is for Apple’, ‘B is for Ball’, the relationship between the letter and image depicted is not instantly obvious and requires some guess work.

A Hayward Touring exhibition from Southbank Centre, London.                          Hayward Touring logo

Paula Rego Print
From Grimm to Reality: an  exploration of imagination and storytelling in contemporary art

January 11 - February 9







Paula Rego, Who Killed Cock Robin? II, 1989 Courtesy: Marlborough Gallery

Imagination and the tradition of storytelling, more specifically the art of fantasy, fairytales and nursery rhymes is at the centre of this exhibition. From Grimm to Reality showcases key works such as David Hockney’s Illustrations for Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm and Paula Rego’s nursery rhyme etchings alongside Anya Gallaccio’s ever changing Preserve Beauty, Ana Maria Pacheco’s Misfortunes of a Sardine and Susanna Majuri’s fantastical photographic landscapes. The exhibition is full of references to the imagery portrayed in childhood stories and highlights the rich connection between imagination, the familiar and storytelling in contemporary art. Other highlights to the exhibition include Jane Edden’s Ideal Home sculptures and Joel Ely’s Thinking Bear.

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