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Cedric Christie, White Phoenix, 2009. Photograph by Paul Tucker

Cedric Christie
Massive Retrospective – Up to Now

17th April - 16th May

Cedric Christie’s work explores a broad range of cultural and art historical references, often using humour and irony as subtle vehicles of communication. Writing about Christie’s 2013 solo show ‘When Painting Collapses, You Have Beautiful Sculptures’, Jessica Bunyard describes how his work attempts “to transform one medium - painting, into another - sculpture. This is not just an art historical attempt to explore the supposed death of painting, but an investigation into interdisciplinary transformation … Through their use of colour and metal, they physically appear as though they are undergoing a transformation from a colour painting to a metal sculpture or vice versa.”

In ‘A Massive Retrospective - Up To Now’, Christie explains that he wants to examine the question of expectation: at what point does one make work hoping to see it all together? - “this came about after walking around the Late Turner exhibition at Tate Britain, where there were two paintings I was happy to have ‘met’ - which gave me the question: did I need to see all the others? And all at the same time? Did Turner actually want me to?” Cedric Christie lives and works in London.

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