Salomons Museum

Electrical and scientific collections

It is well worth a visit to Salomons to see some of the original electrical fittings and the Science Theatre.

David Lionel Salomons' design for an electric light switch.

'David Lionel Salomons' design for an electric light

The collection includes all David Lionel Salomons' patents for electrical improvements and most of his writings on electrical and scientific subjects. There are the account books in which he kept a daily record of the running of one of the first domestic electrical installations and there are a considerable number of photographs of the workshops, the engine house, the accumulator house and D.L. Salomons at work.

Some of D.L. Salomons' notebooks are housed at Salomons, as are a large number of scrapbooks which contain much information about electrical equipment, as well as instruction manuals and scientific papers. There are also awards won for scientific work and for exhibiting inventions.

Salomons was also a keen photographer and invented an electric exposing camera in 1870. There are many of his own photographs in the collections, including some early X-rays.

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