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The Salomons estate today.

'The Salomons estate today.'

The Salomons estate was once the home of three remarkable generations of the Salomons family. It is now part of Canterbury Christ Church University.

The Museum celebrates the lives of:

Sir David Salomons, the first Jewish Lord Mayor of London and a founder of the London and Westminster Bank. He was the first Jew to speak in the House of Commons and a campaigner for equal rights for people of all faiths.

His nephew, Sir David Lionel Salomons was a keen scientist and engineer and a pioneer of road transport. He installed one of the country’s first domestic electric lighting systems here and built the amazing ‘Science Theatre’ and the magnificent stable block.

The Memento room.

'The Memento room.'

Sir David Lionel Salomons had four daughters and a son, David Reginald Salomons. His son died in the First World War, and his last surviving daughter, Vera Salomons, gave the house to Kent County Council for use as a public institution. The house, originally called Broomhill, is now called ‘Salomons’ to honour the family who lived here.

On this website you can find out more about the Salomons family and their achievements. You can also browse the Salomons Museum collections.