Graduate School

In Good Company - Christ Church PGRA in Cambridge

The PGRA (Post Graduate Research Association), to which all members of the student researchers' community in college belong, organises monthly seminars, a summer conference - this year on June the 17th - and social events.

When Dr. Adrian Holliday (Head of the Graduate School), kindly offered to drive some of us to Cambridge, for a day away, we gathered - at the very namesake of this paper - the college Fountain - and piled into the new college van.

Cambridge itself, looked somewhere between late winter and early spring, as we arrived. The sunshine was strong, and our first glimpses of the 'backs' (the gardens sloping down to the river for those colleges with grounds next to the Cam) and more famous colleges - Queens' college, Kings' college and Trinity, all on the main street - was promising.

Tea and scones in the little tea shop just down the way from the central market, and lunch at a noodle bar across town meant that we were really not that far away from the peace and slow pace of Canterbury.

Our guide introduced us rather more closely to St. Catharine's college and St.John's college, as well as to the Cavendish laboratory and the Spread Eagle - to which Frances Crick and James Watson repaired for a celebration pint after their months of research into human genetics finally yielded the structure of DNA.

Many thanks to Adrian, Ash, Edith, Silverio, Feng, Tom, Ritu, Leknath, Robert, Rigas, and to everyone who came.

Priyali Ghosh, 2nd year English, PhD.

The whole group.