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We provide a wide range of services to employers and businesses interested in working with or recruiting our students and graduates.

Students can bring knowledge, enthusiasm and alternative approaches that could enhance your existing workforce and working practices. 

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A year in industry offers our students’ the opportunity to explore a placement in an organisation over a 6 – 12 month period, after their second year of study. This experience has a huge impact on our students’ development and career prospects, but they also add undeniable value to organisation. 

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Unitemps advertises a range of vacancies from part-time work, graduate positions, vacation work, work experience and volunteering, and provides access to enthusiastic and dedicated students and graduates looking to start successful careers.

Recruitment fairs are the ideal opportunity to network with a large number of our students at one time, providing them with all information on your opportunities, vacancies, recruitment processes and what you are looking for in an employee.

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The KTP scheme is a national flagship government funded initiative helping organisations with high growth potential to take advantage of university expertise, by bringing together a university academic, a recently qualified graduate and your organisation to establish a project that will deliver tangible organisational benefits.

Contact our business development team to discuss how a KTP could help your organisation. 

Our students contribute tens of thousands of volunteering hours each year.  Contact us to see how your organisation can benefit.


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