Collaborative provision

Working in partnership is central to the academic mission of Canterbury Christ Church University.

Collaborative provision is a type of partnership in which:

"learning opportunities leading or contributing to the award of academic credit or a qualification … are delivered, assessed or supported through an arrangement with one or more organisations other than the degree-awarding body"

The UK Quality Code for Higher Education,  Chapter B10: Managing Higher Education Provision with Others.

Collaborative programmes require start-up and monitoring procedures additional to those for programmes delivered exclusively by the University. Full details of the way in which the University approves and manages collaborative partnerships are available in the Quality Manual.

The University’s Collaborative Provision Handbook provides information on both the approval and management of collaborative partnerships.

Approval of new collaborative partnerships

The University has approved a revised partnership approval process, which includes consideration of new collaborative partnerships by the Academic Strategy Committee, prior to the commencement of academic planning and programme development. 

The development of collaborative agreements

The following forms and templates are used in the creation and monitoring of Collaborative Provision agreements. Further details on each can be found in the Quality Manual.

For any queries about Collaborative Provision, please contact Claire Anderson (Quality Manager), in the first instance. 

  • Due Diligence Form
  • Venue Checklist
  • CV Master
  • Agreement - this is the newly approved template for an Agreement with a collaborative partner. It is to be used for all new collaborative partnerships. One Agreement will need to be drafted per collaborative programme run with a partner. The document combines the previous 'Memorandum of Agreement' and 'Operational Annex to a Memorandum of Agreement' documents.
  • Operational Annex to the Memorandam of Agreement - this is a revised version of the 'Operational Annex to a Memorandum of Agreement'. This document is only to be used for additional collaborative programmes to be run with an existing partner which is underpinned by a 'Memorandum of Agreement'. As 'Memorandum of Agreements' come up for renewal, they and their associated Operational Annexes will be replaced with the above Agreement template.

For any queries about the approval of Collaborative Provision, please contact  Claire Anderson (Quality Manager) , in the first instance.

Management of collaborative partnerships

For the annual monitoring of collaborative partnerships:

For the periodic review of partnerships and programmes:

Additional papers offer further specific guidance:

A simple spreadsheet of institutions with which the University operates collaborate provision agreements:

For any queries about the management of Collaborative Provision, please contact Alison Coates (Assistant Director of Quality and Standards) or Claire Anderson (Quality Manager) , in the first instance.


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