Project Team

Project Managers

  • Phil Poole (Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit)

  • Dr Ian Ellery (Computing Services)


  • Dr Lynne Graham-Matheson (Lead)

  • Wayne Barry (Data Analysis and Dissemination)

Capital Budget & Purchasing

  • Elizabeth Carr

  • Claire Haines

Development (Wireless Location Awareness)

  • David Hayling (Lead)

  • Chris French (Lead)

  • Ben Tanner (Back-end Server Infrastructure)

  • Nick Bryant (Back-end Server Infrastructure)

  • Paul Jeffery (Wireless Network Authentication)

  • Paul Osborne (Wireless Network Authentication)

  • Matthew Stears (Roll out of physical Wireless Infrastructure)

Development (Thin Client Software & Hardware)

  • David Carr (Lead)

  • Geoff Kimmons (Lead)

  • Dr Rolf Habing (App-V /  RDS)

  • Tony Bennett (Developer / Programmer)

  • Sue Anstey (Research / Testing)

Development (Data Capture & Collection)

  • Andy Powell (Lead & Data Manipulation)

  • Tristan Blackwell (Application Programming)

  • Dr Peter Betteridge (Analyst Programmer for CIS)


  • Professor Betty Collis - Consultant on application of technology for strategy, learning and change in educational organisations and corporate training.

  • Adrian Wheal - Consultant on technology and management in HE, commerce and health services.

  • Stephen Steadman - External project evaluator