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Graduates Master a golden opportunity

28 January 2010

Graduates from Canterbury Christ Church University have just started their second term of study for their Masters degree, thanks to 23 University bursaries.

Yoana Atanasova was one of 23 graduates awarded a bursary.
Yoana Atanasova was one of 23 graduates awarded a bursary.

Last year, Canterbury Christ Church University awarded 23 bursaries to students completing their degrees in July 2009. The University offered graduates this unique financial and education opportunity in the face of a challenging job market.

Professor Sue Piotrowski, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Canterbury Christ Church University, said: “We all realise how challenging it is right now for graduates to break into the job market. A Masters Degree programme is a really good way of enhancing academic experience, whilst developing further skills in preparation for future employment.

 “We are extremely proud of our graduates and are delighted that we have been able to help 23 get a step ahead on the higher education and career ladder.”

Yoana Atanasova was one of 23 graduates, out of over 700, who was awarded a bursary. She is now looking forward to her second term studying for a Masters in Marketing and explained how the bursary enabled her to carry on studying.

 “At the time when I found out about the bursaries, doing a Masters was not an option for me due to financial constraints.

“I had looked at the support which other Universities were offering, but still it was not sufficient. I would not have been able to afford paying a tuition fee along with covering my living expenses so the bursary was more than I could have ever dreamed of.

“The first term passed very quickly, but I found it useful and interesting. It has improved my presentation skills and given me confidence as we have covered a wide range of topics in such a way that I have gained a broader perspective on the business world.

“We are the proof that Christ Church is a caring place, which has faith in its students and it is now our duty to meet its expectations. And we will because we truly appreciate it.”

Sumathan Shanmugarajah, who also gained a bursary to read for a Masters in Marketing, said of his experience so far: “It has given me more confidence to go out into the business world and it has taught me to be flexible and adaptable.

“Even if I had received a job offer, I think I would have declined it, as it is not every day your University offers you something like this and gives you this opportunity.

“I believe the bursary will open doors for me and give me more opportunities. It has given me a greater motivation to study and do well.”

Notes to Editor

Canterbury Christ Church University

Canterbury Christ Church University has, since its foundation by the Church of England as a teacher training college in 1962, developed a wide range of taught programmes, research and educational services.  It continues to be the largest centre of higher education in Kent for the major public services.
The University now has 16,000 students based in five Faculties: Arts and Humanities, Business and Management, Education, Health and Social Care, Social and Applied Sciences.  Our 1,500 staff contribute to the University’s work at our five campuses: Canterbury, Broadstairs, Folkestone (in partnership with the Creative Foundation and the University of Greenwich), Medway (in partnership with the Universities of Greenwich and Kent with Mid-Kent College) and Tunbridge Wells.  In so doing we seek to sustain the University’s Mission:

‘Inspired by the University’s Church of England Foundation and the aspirations of our students and staff, our mission is to pursue excellence in academic and professional higher education thereby enriching both individuals and society.’


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