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11 April 2002

East Kent Hospitals Trust are holding a Study Day for Nurses at the Thanet Campus of Canterbury Christ Church University College on 19th April in the new Skills Lab within the Kent Innovation Centre. The study session is for QUALIFIED nurses to update their specialist skills in the treatment of leg ulcers and the application of 4-layer, high compression bandages.

Those attending the course will be MAINLY Thanet-based, qualified nurses, MANY of whom qualified to degree and diploma level through Canterbury Christ Church University College.

Fifteen nurses from various Hospital Departments, including Outpatients, MEDICAL, Surgical and Mental Health will be attending. The morning will be dedicated to theory followed by practical work and assessment in the afternoon. All nurses will receive a Certificate on completion of the course. Smith and Nephew, suppliers of the bandages/dressings, are sponsoring the event with both equipment and lunches for those attending.

The aim of the Study Day is to ensure there is a member of staff in all areas who is able to assess patients and apply high compression bandages. It is anticipated that regular training sessions of this type will be held frequently within the new Skills Lab at the Thanet Campus to provide on-going improved training for nurses.


Photographers invited.

Further information from:
Liz Parrish, Dermatology Nurse Practitioner,
Richard Hayward, Nursing Co-ordinator, Canterbury Christ Church University College
- Tel. 01843 609116, e-mail

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