Your Student Account and Portal

Soon after accepting your offer, you will be invited in to the Student Portal, where you can access information about your studies, meet any conditions attached to your offer, complete pre-registration tasks and find out about university life.

Once you have your new account

You may have already created your portal account, but if not simply go to and follow the instructions. As your arrival date gets closer, you will be prompted in your Student Portal to complete the following essential pre-registration tasks:

  • Get your smartcard (upload your photo)
  • Confirm your details
  • Get your arrival instructions

Already have an account?

You can use it to login and get up-to-date information relating to your new course, while also being able, when prompted, to complete the essential tasks listed above by going directly to your Student Portal.

Cannot get into the Student Portal?

You will only be able to access the Student Portal once you have received an invite (via email and letter) and issued your Student ID number.

If you are still having problems accessing the Student Portal once you have had your invite contact the i-zone on  01227 922222  or


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