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Knowing that you have secured part-time work before arriving at university can be reassuring for many students. Being able to earn some extra cash, plan a budget and live within your means is a good start to new independent living.  A part-time job is also a great way to develop skills, try something new, settle in and make new friends.

Already have a part-time job?

If you work for a large employer that is part of a chain such as department stores, supermarkets or cinemas you should enquire whether you can transfer to the branch closest to your University campus– this will be the easiest way to secure a job whilst you study.


Unitemps is the University’s on-campus recruitment service, advertising vacancies across the campus network and in the local community. Make sure you sign up as soon as you can for your best chance of getting a job in and around the University.

Provided all essential criteria are showcased in your application, Unitemps places priority to Christ Church students, so make sure your application shows off the best of what you can do for each role!

Register for Unitemps by visiting

Unitemps is nationwide, with several branches across the country. During your holidays you are more than welcome to take a look at the vacancies at other branches in your home region.

Finding part-time work close to campus

The various shops, restaurants and bars in and around the University campuses will be looking for staff throughout the year, particularly in the weeks leading up to you starting University, with graduates leaving their part–time work behind.

Be on the lookout for job vacancy signs in shop windows – most don’t have to advertise further than their own window front. The bigger companies will also advertise online, so check the recruitment pages of the big-name brands if this is your preferred option.

Finding a job in Canterbury town centre:

  • Update your CV and get your CV checked before applying for anything. The easiest way to do this is send your CV and cover email to
  • Arm yourself with 30 printed copies of your CV and simply walk the high street, enquiring in stores of your choice.
  • Make sure you look presentable, preferably smart, and make sure your CV is freshly printed too – no frayed edges or tea stains!
  • Don’t leave the job hunt until a week before you arrive. Plan ahead, update your CV early and start applying now – the graduates who had part-time jobs have already left!

Top tip for finding a job near the Broadstairs campus:

  • Broadstairs may be a small town, but it is right next to a shopping park called Westwood Cross, containing many shops, eateries, department stores and supermarkets. Check their vacancies online (link to but also research the businesses that have branches there and make enquires with the companies themselves prior to arriving.


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