Use The CORE

A careers information system with hundreds of resources created and chosen specifically for CCCU students and graduates.

If you didn’t get a chance to use The CORE information system before you left, then use it now! There is a wealth of information on there in order to help you prepare for your future. There are sections on careers planning, job searching and work experience, as well as working for yourself or undertaking further study.                                    

Do you still have access to your student account?

If so, go to your Blackboard, and you will see Careers – The CORE tab at the top, click through and it will take you straight to The CORE system, with hundreds of useful resources on careers and jobs.

If you no longer have access to your student account

If you can no longer access The CORE via Blackboard or then please get in touch with us and we will change your student account to a graduate account.

Simply email and let us know that you can no longer access to The CORE.


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