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The Learning and Teaching Enhancement team at CCCU are delighted to invite proposals for contribution to this summer’s Learning and Teaching Conference taking place on Wednesday 27th June 2018 (9 am to 1 pm). 

This year, the main conference will focus on Inclusive Practice in Higher Education, which is at the core of our mission and learning and teaching strategy. 

  • Inclusiveness comprises many levels, for example:
  • Support various categories of students throughout their learning journey: BME, LGBT, mature, part-time, disabled, international, with mental health issues, care leavers, students from disadvantaged backgrounds, carers, etc.
  • Bridge the gender gap in specific disciplines (STEM, Education, Health and Care, etc.)
  • Social justice in Learning and Teaching in HE
  • Embed ways of fighting prejudices and unconscious bias in staff and students
  • Incorporate diversity in curriculum design and content, e.g. have an international dimension, a voice for under-represented categories and for less mainstream ways of thinking.
  • Enable students to see their identity and group/s reflected in the curriculum
  • Inclusive access to course content, documentation, assessment and feedback
  • Involve students as co-creators of their learning to allow their identity to be recognised and developed 
  • Inclusive assessment and feedback practices
  • Use of embedded technology for inclusive teaching
  • Develop employability skills, graduate attributes and work experience for inclusion
  • How to be inclusive despite working with students from different socio-economic and educational backgrounds to your own educated
  • Inclusivity through role-modelling: mentors, coaches, etc.
  • Evaluation of the inclusivity of one’s learning and teaching practices.

(Please note that this list is not exhaustive)

Colleagues, students at CCCU and collaborative partners are warmly encouraged to submit an individual or group proposal for sessions of 30 minutes.   The format of the session can be varied, for example:

  • Individual or group presentation followed by questions
  • Case study followed by questions
  • Debate with the audience
  • Pecha Kucha / Ignite session (20 PowerPoint slides in 5 minutes) followed by questions/debate
  • Socratic Dialogue
  • Interactive workshops using videos, audience response systems, social media, etc.
  • Other (please state in your application form)

Please fill in the proposal form and return it to LTE-admin@canterbury.ac.uk  by Monday 21st May 5 pm at the latest.  

To register to attend the conference, please find “Summer 2018 Learning and Teaching Conference” on StaffSpace and book your place.

With many thanks for your support and we look forward to receiving your proposals, and to seeing you on 27th June.






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