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Broadstairs Campus (Kent Innovation Centre)

Broadstairs lab
The skills laboratory at the Broadstairs campus is located on the first floor of the Kent Innovation Centre. The suite comprises a 6 bedded ward area, side-room, dirty utility room, nurse's station, assisted bathroom and consultation room with adjoining observation room.

The high dependency side room can be used to simulate adult, or child scenarios.

There are four adult and one child models (patient replicas) located in the bedded area. In addition, there are a variety of simulative prosthetics such as Resusci Anne, arms, head and cancer models enable the practising of specific skills such as resuscitation, venepuncture and tracheostomy care.

A glow germ kit enables the development of good hand-washing technique whilst various electronic devices are available for the assessment of vital functions. There is also a range of moving and handling equipment.

There are two classroom areas both of which include the latest networked computers. One classroom is dedicated to clinical science teaching, and houses various anatomical models to aid visualisation. PowerPoint/video/DVD facilities are available in both areas.