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Research in the Health Professions

  Fractal and complex text image

Fractal art illustrates the complexities of the work of the health professions, its integrated network and the exciting and sometimes unexpected directions of development. It is good to be one of the health professions 

 We aim to help you make a difference to the lives of others. 

Our research is strongly relevant to practice and is aimed at making a difference for service users and benefit to services.   We enjoy our collaborative research with colleagues in NHS, private and voluntary sectors, with industry and with other HEIs.

Our expertise in our professional and interprofessional areas is excellent and we contribute to the cross-University research centres and with external organisations.

  • Healthy Futures, Sustainable futures

    Applied to practice – we take research findings from a wide range of sources and apply to practice to help improve people’s lives. Our expertise includes enabling independence, rehabilitation and return to work; ultrasound imaging and radiographic clinical reporting; communication difficulties

  • Community engagement
    There are many situations in community contexts where our research can contribute to benefit individuals such as our work on the Contexts of Participation tool, suicide, health promotion, ageing, arts in health and mental health.

  • Education
    Our research relating to education has impact in schools where we work with teacher colleagues to enhance the learning environment for children, for arts in health. For adults and older people our research is around life in the workplace. Of course our areas of work include research relevant to educating students in profession-specific and interprofessional arenas. 


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