Research Themes

The diversity and breadth of our research is illustrated by the hundreds of projects the University has undertaken over the years. The majority have been in partnership with either public services or business, and seek to make a positive and lasting impact on society.


Singing for Older People

The Sidney De Haan centre has conducted large scale surveys of choral singers and the world’s first randomised control trial for singing and older people alongside other research related to the benefits of singing.

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Singing and COPD

The centre has produced some exciting findings relating to the impact of regular group singing for people with breathing difficulties. A study funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust has been followed by a new project in Lambeth and Southwark, funded by Guy’s and Thomas’ Health Charity.

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Singing and Mental Health

The centre has run a number of projects looking at the impact of singing on mental health service users.

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Singing and Dementia

Investigating the benefits of singing for people with dementia.

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Dance and Health

The centre is now fully active in researching the potential for dance to impact on both wellbeing and specific conditions.

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Music and Drama with Young People

A number of projects have looked at the relationship between creative activities and young people.

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Cultural Value

We work with partners to understand the way in which people may change, feel better and contribute more positively to the community in which they live through engagement in cultural activities.

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Competitive singing

The Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health has evaluated the effects of competitive singing on the health and wellbeing of singers.

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