Arts and Health

The Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, and in particular the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, is focused on research into the link between the arts and health and wellbeing – through singing, dancing, drawing and other creative activities.


Remember to Dance

The Remember to Dance project focused on the effect of dance on the quality of life for people in different stages of dementia and their carers.

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Carers Create

Carers Create was a project designed to evaluate the benefit of engagement in creative activities on the health and wellbeing care givers.  

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Music and Arts Pathways for Dementia

The Music and Arts Pathways for Dementia project launched a model which includes music and arts pathways for dementia within all post-diagnostic services.

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The Sidney De Haan Centre and the Military Wives Choir

The Sidney De Haan Research Centre has been working with the military wives choir in order to identify the impact which choirs have on the health and wellbeing of members and their families.

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