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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Close to Home - photographic exhibition

A photographic exhibition and artist talk by Principal Lecturer, Karen Shepherdson.

With connotations of insularity, small-mindedness and concern for the fundamentally ordinary, to embrace a body of work as ‘parochial’ would on the photographer’s part, seem perverse. Yet the title for this exhibition Close to Home apparently does just that. ‘Home’ for Karen Shepherdson conjures images of an encircling comfort, safety and belonging. For most, this is precisely its power, both in terms of a significant aspect of our identity and the locus of our narrative history. Here though, Shepherdson adopts a perspective that is at once subjectively ‘at home’ and yet non-subjectively placed at an observational distance. Thus some photographs capture aspects of her own narrative space and identity, while others show relations between couples, including their dogs, of ease and belonging – they are at home with one another.

The medium of instant film (Polaroid) and associated processes such as the emulsion lift and transfers distils each work in this exhibition into a unique artefact. Thus each image has, as with earlier processes such as the daguerreotype or other plastic arts such as painting, its own singular identity, created largely in camera with limited options of post-production manipulation. As a consequence, even when presented as substantial montage artefacts, they remain small and seemingly parochial works yet, with a considered and concentrated approach on the part of the viewer, the layers of meaning in what is ‘close to home’ can be revealed.

This event is open to the public.

Venue: Broadstairs, Burton Gallery
Time: 18:30

Contact: Karen Shepherdson (email)
Telephone: 07918111602

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