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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Wildlife and Society: Challenges for a shared Future

This conference will promote the discussion of issues related to the relationships between people and wildlife in the context of sustainable living, education and professional development for a shared future.

The Wildlife and People Initiative was created in 2006 as a multidisciplinary discussion group based at Canterbury Christ Church University where researchers and students from diverse study areas could convey and exchange ideas related to conflicts and other relationships involving people and wildlife worldwide. 

The subject of people and wildlife relationships provokes strong responses in people from diverse backgrounds, and working in different research fields. Conflicts between people and wildlife involve competition for the same resources such as food or territory, threats to the wellbeing or predation on both parts, as well as cultural constructs. A wider and richer variety of viewpoints about the many ways people relate to wildlife can be sourced from the arts, literature and film, science and other fields such as ecology and wildlife conservation, environmental education, tourism, anthropology, human geography, psychology of attitudes, religious studies and economics and are relevant to this discussion. 

In a world of limited natural areas and resources, humans and wildlife are affected by economic and social demands driving changes in land use, and impacting natural habitats. The Convention on Biological Diversity has directed efforts and set out targets to halt biodiversity loss, in close connection with the directives of the UN on Sustainable Development. Co-existence between people and wildlife is an aim to be achieved within this framework. Promoting the discussion of the issues involved in people’s relationships with wildlife can help promote the development of better understanding to foster co-existence. Promoting the discussion of such issues within the academic and learning environment can be a powerful tool for change, by engaging reflexion, by fostering informed decisions, by bringing together practitioners and students.

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This event is open to the public.

Venue: Canterbury, Ng09 and Ng03
Time: 09:15

Contact: Dr Adriana Consorte-McCrea (email)

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