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Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Prehistory of the Weald

Community Arts and Education day schools 26th January and 2 February 2013

Tutor: Richard Carter
Saturday 26 January and Saturday 2 February 2013 (non- residential) | 10am-4pm

This two day school will explore the untapped archaeological potential of the Sussex Weald through a class-based day followed by a field trip to a private site and monument.

The prehistoric occupation of the Sussex Weald is poorly understood due to limited research and lack of evidence. Recent technological advances and new agendas are beginning to realise the archaeological potential.

Day one will introduce the archaeological evidence for early occupation of the Sussex Weald. Day two will visit private sites and monuments on the High Weald where excavations have taken place. The content will include:

  • The palaeoenvironment of the Sussex and Kent Weald – types of evidence, manipulation of the landscape;
  • Hunter-gatherers of the Weald – patterns of settlement and mobility;
  • Exploitation of resources – organic and inorganic;
  • The results of recent excavations on the High Weald;
  • Continuity and change – hunting and gathering to farming; flint to metalwork;
  • Monuments of the Sussex and Kent Weald – form and function;
  • New technologies investigating the archaeology of the Weald – e.g. LIDAR, environmental.

The Field Trip will visit the putative Mesolithic rock shelters at Chiddinglye Woods Rocks (private), the Iron Age camps at Philpots and Garden Hill on the Sussex High Weald.

Cost: £50

This event is open to the public.

Venue: Salomons,
Time: 10:00

Contact: April Doyle (email)
Telephone: 01227 863451

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