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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Two-day focus on Early and Baroque Music

The Masque of Time - The Guildhall Lutes and Voices

An entertainment for Singers, Plucked instruments & Consort of Recorders

Devised and Directed by Andrew Lawrence-King

 Masque Dances, Songs, Masquing Airs & Country-Dances by William Lawes, John Dowland, Robert Jones, John Playford & Giovanni Coprario

As the rooster crows at the break of dawn, the Masquers enter in solemn measure to present their Play. Old Father Time debates Constancy and Change with Venus, goddess of love, and Cynthia, nymph of the Moon. 

They invite their noble guests to the Masque itself, an elegant sequence of songs and dances. Contrasting rhythms and exquisite patterns evoke the stars and planets in their orbits, the finest composers of the age sing and play their lutes and harps in the masque- band. 

But Discord, goddess of chaos, arrives uninvited. She blots out the light of the stars, drags down the Moon, and sends on the Antimasquers – a gang of Satyrs and Witches pursued by wild Baboons and Dancing Bears. The Apes dance at the Temple and the Parson, well soaked in the Oyle of Barley, bids Farewell.

Finally, Venus banishes the profane Antimasquers and heals Time’s sick feathers, so that the whole company can join in the Revels. Formalities over, the nobles party on with popular songs and country-dances.

The outstanding young musicians from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama are welcomed for the first time to Canterbury Christ Church University in what we hope will be a flourishing long-term relationship.

Tickets: £10 (Full), £8 (Friends of St Gregory’s), £5 (students) – Free to CCCU Music Students

This event is open to the public.

Venue: Canterbury, St Gregory's Centre for Music
Time: 20:00

Contact: Lucy Ross (email)
Telephone: 01227 782428

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