The QiSS and QES Recognition Schemes



What is the QiSS quality mark?

A nationally recognised quality assurance scheme developed by Canterbury Christ Church University (Faculty of Education) in partnership with the Department of Education.

Who is the quality mark open to?

The quality mark is open to all types of schools and school clusters and other educational providers of extended learning opportunities.

What are the benefits to learners?

To support schools and educational organisations to raise learner attainment, achievement, behaviour, attendance, social well being to improve self esteem and motivation via high quality extended learning opportunities.

What are the benefits to the organisation?

To engage with educational organisations to develop effective extended learning opportunities which contribute to raising standards and closing the gap for learners. This contributes directly to improvement planning and the effective use of resources through rigorous self assessment. It can also perform an important part of the organisation’s continuing professional development strategy.

How long will the award last?

The QiSS and QES quality marks are awarded for 3 years.

What does the organisation get?

  •  Newsletters
  •  Each organisation that successfully achieves a quality mark will receive a QiSS or QES Recognition Status Logo. The mark is available at three progressive levels (Emerged, Established and  Advanced). LINK
  •  Access to a range of development tools
  •  Membership of a national network.

How does the organisation apply?

Register by completing the online registration form on the QiSS National Database, LINK –| or contact QiSS (LINK)|

Will the school/organisation get a visit?

Three options are available, QiSS representatives will visit at a convenient time or a school/organisation may attend a local meeting. Alternatively, CF support and/or recognition can be conducted via our VLE systems.

Is additional support available?

Ongoing support is available to prepare for Recognition. The Recognition process itself is a developmental process

Feedback is provided during and after the Recognition process with suggestions to support future development

How much will it cost?

QiSS aims to customise support and assessment to your specific needs. The cost can be tailored to individual requirements, which means you will get even better value for money. 

For more information please contact Sue Vardy by email or Telephone 01227 863656