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Gaining Ground - improving progress in coasting secondary schools

 Gaining Ground


Gaining Ground was originally a DCSF initiative which started in 2009. The aim was to challenge the secondary schools that had reached good levels of attainment, however there were pupils who did well at primary school but then lost momentum and did not fulfill their full potential in the secondary school environment.

The aim of the strategy was to put the spotlight on these schools, so that parents, governors and local authorities could challenge and support these schools to help their pupils fulfill their early promise.

The schools to which this strategy was broadly addressed lie above the Key Stage 4 floor (some considerably above it) but are below average in terms of their pupils progression from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4.

This case study spotlights the work of a Hertfordshire Gaining Ground School who used their funding to redevelop the quality and range of Study Support to target students who made slow progress or had ‘stalled’. The QiSS Emerged and Established process was used by the Assistant Head teacher to guide the school through a range of improvements which contributed to an Ofsted ‘Good with Outstanding’ features outcome in the autumn 2011.

Case Study - Verulam School, St Albans|