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‘Critical thinking begins with readiness to challenge received wisdom’ (Smith 1992:129)

QiSS is at the heart of a vibrant research community. The QiSS and QES recognition process, using the quality assurance frameworks, encourage centres to measure the impact of provision and publish case studies of advanced and leading practice.

In addition colleagues have undertaken a number of bespoke research projects investigating the effects of Extending Learning Opportunities on the lives of learners and their communities. These build on national studies, which have demonstrated the impact on attainment, achievement, attendance, motivation and self esteem.

This wealth of knowledge considers successes and lessons learned and therefore are an assist to anyone who wishes to develop their provision.

As part of the University, QiSS is committed to contributing to this research tradition and would welcome enquires for collaborative research or consultancy support.

To further support best practice in research, QiSS has developed a number of guides, tools and training courses, in such areas as questionnaire design, data gathering and analysis. Many of the guides and tools are available on the website, free to download or contact QiSS for more information.

In addition to research reports, there are a number of academic papers, government reports and guides listed which will be of interest to all those working in the area of extending learning opportunities.

For more information regarding research projects please contact Ian Durrant 01227 863643