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QiSS National Database Upgrade 2013

As from September 2013, QiSS are happy to announce that it is now possible to electronically attach evidence to Self-evaluation documents for QiSS & QES recognition submissions. You now have the option of either compiling a hard copy portfolio of evidence or submitting your SEF and evidence completely electronically.

if you would like to pilot this new method, please contact the QiSS office for more details.


QiSS Newsletters

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April 2013
Linda Leith (Director of QiSS) attended the UKTI Education Mission to Vietnam and Indonesia 22-26 April 2013.


Outside the Ministry of Education in Jakarta, April 2013 with Mr Richard Graham MP

March 2013
A researcher from Estonian Ministry of Education visits West Ham United Inspire Learning Centre and Newham Schools.

Ms Maie Kitsing, an advisor in the Estonian Ministry for Education and Research, came to Newham on Wednesday 28th February 2013 to visit West Ham United Inspire Learning Centre, Carpenters Primary School and Lister Community School to learn about British school system and the role of Extended Schools in raising achievement. Ms Kitsing also took part on a tour around the Olympic Park to get an idea of the current and future developments in Newham, that will have a direct impact in terms of new communities, schools and opportunities for the people in the local area. 


 Maie Kitsing and Ian Durrant (QiSS - Canterbury Christ Church University)

The visit to West Ham United Inspire Learning Centre provided Ms Kitsing with and interesting insight to a well-established out of school learning environment in an inspirational venue at the Boleyn Ground and to see a group from Brampton Primary School that is participating in the 10 week ‘WHU Inspired’ programme.


Linda Leith (Director of QiSS, Canterbury Christ Church University and Maie Kitsing, Ministry of Education, Estonia)


 In her role at the Ministry of Education Ms Kitsing is supporting the re-design of the Estonian School System, with a particular focus in supporting failing or underachieving schools. The purpose of her 3-month visit in UK is to prepare a research paper on the UK models of school improvement and raising achievements. She is hosted by Canterbury Christ Church University – Quality in Study Support (QiSS) Department. 


Maie Kitsing: "I met teaching professionals who really were enthusiastic and clearly enjoyed their work, while visiting schools and West Ham United Inspire Learning Centre. The idea of supporting under achieving as well as gifted and talented children in out of school learning centres is great. Looking at the students at West Ham United Inspire Learning Centre I saw children who were actively involved in the learning process and theirs eyes gleamed with joy. I highly valued the collaborative ethos in Newham. Schools are part of the community and while they are responsible for the student’s progress, but it doesn’t mean that they have to do it alone.


Maie Kitsing, Nicola Curran and Diane Barrick (Carpenters Primary School) and Pia Tanneraho (WHU)

Your approach using learning centres and bringing students - especially boys - out of the ordinary learning environments to football clubs is brilliant. I am very thankful for Ian Durrant from Canterbury University and Pia Tanneraho from WHU Inspire Learning Centre for organising my visit to Newham Schools".


Lister Secondary School/ Nicholas Smith – Assistant HeadTeacher:
"We were very flattered when asked to host Ms Kitsing, as we saw it as a great opportunity to share the great work we do here, and maybe have our good practice influence schools in another country. Ms Kitsing seemed very impressed with our school and we thoroughly enjoyed showing her around and answering her questions."

Canterbury Christ Church University/ Ian Durrant – Senior Lecturer, QiSS
"I have been continually impressed at the proactive and student centred approach of schools in Newham. They are open to new ideas and committed to sharing best practice with each other, in an aim to continually improve".

Brampton Primary/ Mark Woodhouse – Debuty Head Teacher:


Pia Tanneraho (WHU Inspire Learning Centre Manager), Mark Woodhouse - Deputy Headteacher (Brampton Primary School) and Maie Kitsing

 "It was a really great opportunity to share just a little of the exciting and innovative work our school does in partnership with West Ham United. I'm sure it was evident how excited, enthusiastic and focussed our children were and how the programme is benefiting our pupils socially and academically. We are rightly proud of the innovative opportunities we are able to offer our pupils here in Newham, and are always ready to look to create international links with schools across Europe".

West Ham United Inspire Learning Centre/ Pia Tanneraho – Centre Manager:
"We are always keen to share good practice here at West Ham United Inspire Learning Centre. Over the years we have been able show time and time again that attending targeted out of school projects has a great impact on children’s learning and achievement back at school. We hope that visiting our centre might create similar opportunities for Children in Estonia in the future".


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Voluntary and community sector organisations
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The following tools are available to QiSS Database users:

QiSS on-line Survey Tool - Survey Thing
This powerful tool allows anyone with a database account to view or create and distribute surveys. Once created, Survey Tool provides a web link which can be distributed to as many users as you wish to complete the survey. Alternatively, restrictions can be placed on respondents, for example making the Survey time limited or password protected.

Survey Thing contains the tools to create open and closed questions for use with children or adults. It also contained a data summary function, allowing the results to be instantly displayed. Alternatively,  should users want to undertake a more sophisticated analysis, Survey Thing will allow users to import their results into Excel and more complex data analysis packages.

Access to Survey Tool is available to all our colleagues free of charge. It can be accessed through the QiSS National Database|.

QiSS has also put together a User guide| to the Quality in Study Support and Extended Services (QiSS) On-line Survey Tool, which takes users through every step of survey construction.

For further information contact Ian Durrant at the QiSS Office

First Steps on-line Action Planning Tools
There are now 2 Action Planning Tools available, one for Voluntary & Community Sector Organisations and one for Schools. The questions contained within the QiSS online action planning audit should ideally be answered with reference to the ELO document. The tools may be accessed via| or| (schools) or| (VCS).

 If you would like access to these tools, please contact Sue Vardy| 01227 86 3656

Database user accounts can be obtained on request from Sue Vardy at the QiSS office.