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Children's House Nursery School
Tower Hamlets - QES Award - July 2013

'Congratulations to Children’s House Nursery School who recently achieved the QES (Quality in Extended Services) award at established level. 
Children’s House were noted for their impressive level of Extended Services support to families and the local community. 
The verifying panel at the recognition commented that there is a “genuine whole school approach to the development of Extended Services as an integral part of school improvement”. 
The school was supported through the quality assurance process by the Tower Hamlets Parent and Family Support Service.'

Fiona Stokes, Extended Day Adviser, Parent & Family Support Service, LB Tower Hamlets

  Childrens House Nursery

An Extract from Children's House Nursery School News - July 2013


Active Creative - March 2013

In March Annie New, Professional Member of QiSS and Associate of Difference Ltd, attended the annual conference for Active Creative where she presented them with their Quality in Study Support Emerged certificate.  She made a brief presentation about the QiSS journey undertaken by the company and the learning opportunities it provided in terms of self-evaluation and development targets.


Lorry Edwards, Helen Thomas and
Annie New


She is pictured here with company Director Lorry Edwards and Helen Thomas. There was time also to discuss the benefits of engagement with QiSS with franchisees who work across the South East of England and Wales.  




Active Creative also took advantage of the opportunity to undertake their recognition on-line. This enabled them to demonstrate the quality of their practice and engage in a rigorous professional discussion but at a time and place convenient to them. QiSS is always seeking ways to enhance the experience of recognition and enjoyed the opportunity to work with Active Creative through this new and exciting medium.

"The QiSS journey was well worth embarking on.
To evaluate the contribution our company actually makes to children's learning within the QiSS framework was at times a labour of love.  It was a process which, with Annie New's guidance as our critical friend, has strengthened our planning tools, lesson content, delivery and evaluation procedures, throughout the Active Creative Ltd brand range.
We are passionate about Dance, PE, Music and Action activities we continually strive to be the best we can possibly be, to be THE specialist provider of choice in schools. Embarking on QiSS with Annie, encouraging and supporting us, as we paused and reflected upon our impact on learning and then assisting us as we addressed areas we could improve upon and celebrated what we do well, has been a great opportunity and given us the confidence to be proud of our contribution to extended learning opportunities".
                                                                         Active Creative
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'Extended School Provision remains a priority of Ofsted' - Bengeo Primary School, Hertfordshire|