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 CF Conference


The QiSS National Conference 2012:





 'Behaviour, attendance and engagement with learning'

'How quality provision can impact on these important isues for children and young people' 

   Linda and Tanya Byron

Professor Tanya Byron and Linda Leith, Director of QiSS

The annual QiSS Conference was held on the 28th March 2012 at the British Library Conference Centre, London. This fantastic venue proved popular and stimulated a range of lively debate and discussion amongst the 108 attendees.  

The conference itself was opened by Linda Leith, Director of QiSS who contextualised the current policy environment. She was also pleased to be able to launch the latest guide in the series of Study Support Essentials: Guidance for Ofsted Framework 2012|. This proved timely as in January 2012 Ofsted released advice to their Inspectors in relation to benefits of extended school provision.

Linda then introduced this year’s key note speaker; Professor Tanya Byron, who amongst many other accomplishments, is a key policy advisor to the last and current government, a writer and broadcaster, Chancellor of Edge Hill University and has been newly commissioned to develop the state curriculum in China.

Professor Byron gave a humorous, passionate and invigorating address; discussing topics which ranged from the need to engage children with a variety of stimulating activities to the importance of emotional and social intelligence in developing the entrepreneurs of the future.

 Christine Amede and Tanya Byron

 Christine Amede, Highbury Grove School and Professor Tanya Byron


After taking questions together with Dr Hazel Byran and Linda Leith, Professor Byron presented an Advanced QiSS trophy to Christine Amede, Director of out of School Learning, Highbury Grove School, Islington.



Three other presentations were warmly received and provoked thoughtful debate over lunch and during the question and answer panels.  

 Linda Hazel and Alison

 Linda Leith, Dr Hazel Bryan and
            Alison Ekins












Dr Alison Ekins and Linda Leith presented their findings in relation to the mechanisms behind school exclusions. Their research showed how procedures varied between schools. Senior leaders trying to work in the best interests of their pupils but also being aware of the need to present an image consistent with external demands. This promoted at least one delegate to review their practice and to:

Look at Exclusion and what triggers them and what we can do to prevent and manage these negative student activities.’

Ian Durrant presented research conducted into the impact of Extended Services across Kent. He focused on quantitative impacts on attainment, attendance and attitude to learning. He also quoted evidence of community impacts and return on investment. This research showed how evidence can demonstrate the contribution of Extended Services to school performance targets.

Anne Timothy presented Group8’s research into the neurobiology supporting pupil’s active engagement in learning. Her challenging presentation focused on how effective teachers use techniques such as emergent/empathetic listening and powerful questioning to move children from a state of dependence and conformity to expansion of awareness through higher order learning. She underscored how study support activities provide the ideal mechanism for this process.

Follow this link to download copies of the Conference Powerpoints and leaflets:|


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