Complememtary Schools


The benefits of participation in Herts Quality in Study Support
 Scheme in the context of Extended Learning

What are the benefits of participating in Quality in Study Support (QiSS) Scheme for Complementary & Supplementary (C&S) schools?

This is a frequently asked question by the organisers of C&S schools as there are limited resources and time constraints for these organisations to take on added work. However, participation in Herts QiSS scheme enables these organisations to achieve recognition and quality standard kite mark which is a national accreditation.  This self evaluation scheme is an opportunity for the school to reflect on its strategic and operational planning and demonstrate it is in line with national good practice. It also identifies three different purposes for organisational evaluation: being accountable; developing new knowledge; and improving performance.

The QiSS Recognition Scheme provides a formal public validation of the self-evaluation process at the three levels undertaken using the Extending Learning Opportunities (ELO) framework for self evaluation. The three levels are: Emerged, Established and Advanced.

 Key benefits for schools/organisations:

  •  Improved experiences for children and young people
  • It reaffirms what you are doing
  • It gives you a coordinated structure
  • It gets you to focus
  • It meets parents’ expectations
  • Develops creativity
  • It leads to national accreditation
  • It helps to self-evaluate
  • It builds partnerships
  • It gives an opportunity to demonstrate/evidence quality provision
  • It Increases engagement of learners
  • Raises children and young peoples’ confidence, achievement and self-esteem
  • Improves outcomes for all students
  • Improves attainment and achievement
  • It supports measuring impact
  • Builds knowledge of national agendas and how the provider fits in
  • You share your experiences and best practice with other schools
  • It supports accountability to funders and other sponsors
  • Overall, it Improves your service provision

Testimonies from C&S schools following their QiSS recognition process:

QISS process has been useful tool to evaluate the provision the school provides and to look at steps that need to be taken in the planning and structure of the school in order to increase its effectiveness.”
 (Al-Amanah school- Achieved Emerged accreditation)

“Recognition has given us nationally recognized credibility and has elevated our school to a totally different category. We have gained the respect of other Gujarati schools and intend to work closely with them to improve the teaching of the Gujarati language and culture.

Since recognition we have significantly increased our number of pupils and parents are more interested in what their children are doing and are more willing to help out. It has also given our committee an extra boost of enthusiasm to do more and at a higher standard.

Watford Grammar School for Boys, where we are based and with whom we applied for recognition, has opened up its computerised language labs for our use and has shared their language teaching expertise with us to improve our standard of teaching.

We are looking forward to embarking on attaining the next stage for recognition and the rewards it will bring.”  
(Watford Hindu Group Gujarati School- Achieved Emerged accreditation)