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Doctorate in Education

A photo of graduation in Canterbury Cathedral

Study at Level 5

Study at doctoral level embraces all the critical and analytical skills that are present in master's level work but in addition includes a stronger element of distinctiveness and originality. Doctoral work should make a contribution to the field of knowledge within which the candidate is researching and should be of potentially publishable standard.

The Doctorate in the Faculty of Education combines the advantages of working within a community of fellow researchers, engaging seminars, presentations and publication and at the same time becoming involved in a substantial individual research thesis of one's own. The sense of community, of collaboration in the development of ideas and the opportunity to explore in depth aspects of research, policy and professional practice, is at the core of this programme.

Courses include the nature of research and research design in education, the relationship between research, policy and professional practice, concepts of leadership and change, advanced research methodology and key issues in contemporary educational provision. The programme culminates with an extended research thesis that may substantially draw on issues related to the professional context that the candidate brings to the programme.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Lynn Revell
Programme Director